Can I get a shot of them everyday at my #gym. My 3 favorite people! Ugh I’m super jelly! @officialkaigreene @danalinnbailey @isymfs #goals #goodmorning #monsters #chocolatebears #bamf #dlb #npc #hussle

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#alrightalrightalriiiiiight got am cardio done! I set my alarm 30 min earlier and took a #preworkout so I had to get my behind outta bed! #imcomingforyou #aushakate #kevinhart #teamHJG @heathergiatras

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#thestruggleisreal! Arg! I normally have Mondays off but since I’m taking so much time off to be with hubby when he gets his old man hip fixed. I #worked today. I can’t handle the grown up stuff! I had a friend tell me I should post #videos and I’m can’t not be a total dork for more then 10 seconds!! I couldn’t focus at work and now I’m in my car waiting for my #food to settle before I hit up #cardio and #plyometrics today! Thanks so much to you guys for all the love and such! I’m gonna #dowork now so I can get some #sleep. #imcomingforyou #aushakate #npc #biniki #queen

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There are a few good things about my new #job ! It’s nice to try out all these different products and get the feel of what #supplements I want to invest in! #bodybuliding #trickortreat these are mostly #preworkout #supps and I’m not huge on some of the ones I’ve tried. But Wehrmacht I find something good I’ll let you guys know!

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Finally posting some stage shots! I am excited for the next few months! Getting leaned out for a photo shoot and a few shows! Keep up with me on staying positive and keeping to our #goals these next few months! (You can find me on FB and #twitter ) let me know what you guys would like to see from me.

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OH MY GOODNESS!!! I’m so freaking excited!!! My friend at work just showed me this! #sugarfree #icouldcryimsoexcited #preplife #npc #npcbikini

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Arrruugg! Lol I’m up and working on it! I have been and it’s starting to come together! Doesn’t mean I’m not grumpy as 💩 some days!! But we have to remember why we push every day! #iwokeuplikethis #ireallylooklikethat #imcomingforyou #amcardio

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What cha eating??? 🐒😋 It’s excited to get ready but there are real struggles. Like peanut butter m&m!😳 Hahaha

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#baby birds!! They were in the dirt by my house! Found them on my way home from walking the Boston. (My🐶) they are so cute!! But they might bake in the sun!! What do I do?!

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Pretty much 100% on point.

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This is soo true and it’s important for everyone to remember. As you all know my happiness is my lifting. It’s for me it’s about myself. It’s my happy time. It’s not easy and it’s sometimes annoying but I love it. I got into this life style as a kid to deal with my horrible surroundings. I was not in a good place. I did not have any good examples to follow and it was always about taking care of or impressing other people. It was about putting myself last and ignoring what I needed to thrive. It was never about tomorrow it was always about now. The parties were about others and being passive with how I felt just to make sure other people were happy. All of it. So I quit dance started running track and high jumping and seeing that I had to work hard to progress in time. I was sold on the hustle. After high school I got a little nuts again and then I found this. The #Npc #bikini People will tell me how shallow they think it is and how I need to be working on getting ready to have a family or things like that and I just want to push them off a cliff. This is my book. This is my happy. It’s about me? Yes but I’m the one who has to live with my memories and I want to homie I did what was needed and what made my life. I’m still a wife and one day I’ll be a mother. I’ll always be a athlete and a human with a heart. If I can help others find their happiness in taking care of themselves then I will do what I can. Find what makes you happy and do it.

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So sleepy today!! Need of snuggles! Hahaha

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Got it done for the morning. Pooped but have a lot to do today before going back to work tomorrow. Jeans are on sale and I’m going to get some in a smaller size then what I am now so I have some new goals to meet! #aushakate #excited #fitchicks

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